Diamond Chips (Rose Gold Micro Mirror)Diamond Chips (Rose Gold Micro Mirror)
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Flare LUXE Powder (Color Shifting)Flare LUXE Powder (Color Shifting)
On sale

WYNN modern art.

Flare LUXE Powder (Color Shifting)

$19.99 $21
LUXE Glow Paint (Lightning Storm)LUXE Glow Paint (Lightning Storm)
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WYNN modern art.

LUXE Glow Paint (Lightning Storm)

$39 $60
WaterFX CLEAR 8oz. for Art (Resin Alternative)WaterFX CLEAR 8oz. for Art (Resin Alternative)
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Wooden Egg Cutouts (Sets of 5, 10 or 30)Wooden Egg Cutouts (Sets of 5, 10 or 30)
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WYNN modern art.

Wooden Egg Cutouts (Sets of 5, 10 or 30)

$14.99 $20
“Sequin Rain” Jar O’ Joy“Sequin Rain” Jar O’ Joy
On sale

WYNN modern art.

“Sequin Rain” Jar O’ Joy

$39.99 $40

Our Mission

To be part of bringing out your inner 5 year old.

We offer confidence boosting courses, personally innovated LUXE art supplies and a tribe of support.

(FB Group Name: WYNN modern art. VIP Tribe)

You deserve luxury

My parents provided me with quality art supplies to honor my creativity and offered all the support in the world helping boost my confidence. Those are the principles I founded WYNN modern art on.

-Victoria Wynn, CEO WYNN modern art.

(Made in the U.S.A)

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Inspired by nature

WYNN modern art. LUXE products, along with Victoria Wynn's personal fine art are inspired by the clouds above, the ocean below and the mountains that surround us.

Whether you're visiting to explore our fine art products made in the USA or to purchase a piece of Victoria's art, we hope you feel closer to the beautiful world around you.