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LUXE Glow Powder for Art (Golden Lava)


Golden Lava GLOW Powder is a soft tangerine gold in the day and glows to a beautiful green at night  

Think fine art, home decor, fairy gardens, jewelry and kid’s toys! 

✔️Highly Concentrated Glow  (8-10 hr glow with full charge)

✔️Commercial Grade (Used in amusement parks, driveways, bowling alleys and gallery art)

✔️Made in the USA 🇺🇸 

✔️ They shimmer in the day just like our traditional LUXE Powders 

Golden Lava LUXE Glow Powder shimmers in the day with a soft tangerine gold metallic sheen and stunning orange and green glow at night!

Size: 59g Jar


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Tips & Sneaky Tricks

Golden Lava Glow Powder is stunning for galaxies, celestial skies, lava and geodes for a heavenly glow at night 🌙  and jaw dropping shimmer in the day ☀️ 

Tips For Resin & LUXE WaterFX Artists:

* Stir into clear resin or non toxic LUXE WaterFX (clear) so as NOT to dim the glow!

*Toss “Golden Lava” at an angle onto your wet piece for an ombré glow effect

* There is no limit or ratio to follow when adding WMA powders to resin. You decide how much you’d like depending upon how strong of an effect you want!

Acrylic Artists:

* For the strongest glow, sprinkle or toss WMA powders on top of your art WHILE wet (use a non toxic top coat like WYNN modern art. WaterFX CLEAR or resin once cured and dried)


For MORE Tips & Sneaky Tricks, follow Victoria Wynn on YouTube here: 



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