Our commercial grade LUXE Glow Products glow from 4-10 hours depending upon the type! No need for special lights, just the sun shining in the window will do! 

 LUXE Glow Tints are 15-30 microns making them perfect for all your creative glow needs, including deep resin pours and nail art! They glow approximately 4 hours with a full charge. Note: The LUXE Glow Tints are pastel in the day and do not offer a daytime sparkle like the LUXE Glow Powders. 
 LUXE Glow Powders are 50 microns in size and perfect for resin molds, canvas art, crafts, fishing lures and tumblers. They sparkle in the day and have an approximate 10 hour glow at night with a full charge. 

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