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\ หˆkit \: a set or collection of tools, supplies, etc. for a specific purpose

Resin & Acrylic Artists
Our LUXE products are developed specifically for nature loving artists from beginning to advanced. We use the finest materials because your art deserves it. 
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Customers LOVE Kits
We have kits because our VIP's asked for them. Ask and you shall receive. Why? Because my joy is your joy! Purchase your basic "easy to get" products like paint and canvases and let us supply the rest!  

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Glow Powder Set for Art Glow Powder Set for Art
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$240.00 $165.00
LUXE Northern Lights Kit LUXE Northern Lights Kit
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LUXE Starter Kit LUXE Starter Kit
Sold out Sale
$243.00 $185.00
LUXE Ocean & Beach Kit LUXE Ocean & Beach Kit
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LUXE Galaxy Kit LUXE Galaxy Kit
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