LUXE Glow Paint Kit (White in the day)


Our LUXE Glow Paints ONLY need the sun ☀️ (No black light needed)

Enjoy a money saving bundle of (4) 3oz jars of LUXE Glow Paints! White almost clear in the day and a bold color at night!

Get wild with our premium indoor & OUTDOOR acrylic GLOW paint.  Use in acrylic pour art (just add water) or grab a brush or roller! (Each jar goes a long way as it’s a highly concentrated - commercial glow product!) 

🌈 Colors Included (3 oz jars): 

  • Marine (blue)
  • Caribbean (aqua)
  • Lightning Storm (purple)
  • Cat Eyes (green) 

If you’re ready to feel like a kid again or differentiate your art from the rest, you’ll become a loyal lover and fan of WYNN modern art glow products!

Think glowing fairy gardens, patio murals, kid’s rooms, galaxy art, bio luminescent ocean paintings, mail boxes and even shoes! 

All of our LUXE Glow Paint colors have these unique qualities that set them apart from anything else on the market:

✔️Highly Concentrated Glow (6-12hr+ glow time w/ full charge)

✔️Commercial Grade (Used in amusement parks, driveways, bowling alleys and gallery art)

✔️Made in the USA 🇺🇸 

✔️ You customize the glow! Simply add another layer for a stronger glow 

Size: 3 oz Jar per color 

( 📷  No filters were used in our imagery and videos)


  • 6-12+ Hours Glow
  • Premium Acrylic Paint
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Apply With Roller, Brush (or add water for fluid art)
  • Dries Under 2 Hours
  • UV ☀️ and Black Light Reactive
  • 30+ Years Glow

Multiple layers of glow paint creates a brighter, more solid and even glow.

❗️BULK containers are available

📧 Email customer experience for quart and gallon pricing: 

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