WYNN modern art.

LUXE Premium Glossy Brochure

$1.45 $2

8” x 11” Premium Glossy Tri-Fold featuring our LUXE Powders with check boxes and color images of each LUXE Powder!  

❓How do I differentiate myself from other artists? 

💴 As a business coach for artists, I get this question a lot.
This brochure featuring our full array of WYNN modern art. LUXE Powders has been in the works for months and I’m so proud of it!

✅ It’s a checklist for YOUR own inventory

….AND you can use them as a guide for your clients!

💭 Can you imagine hiring an artisan and having them hand you a premium glossy brochure to check off the fine art materials you want them to use?

🎨 You’ve now gotten them excited AND have positioned yourself as luxury artist.

🎁 They have arrived!

Each order will arrive with one brochure as my gift, but don’t worry, if you’d like more to send to clients, you’ll be able to purchase as many as you like at the same cost of I pay my printer!

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