“Peace At Last” Glowing Art (4ft x 5ft)


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This huge bio luminescent statement piece is officially complete and served in giving me so much peace as I worked on it for over 30 days!

I included genuine 23K gold leaf for golden islands using sand from Belize, genuine mother of pearl, and a stunning bio luminescent effect. 

Due to its sheer size and thickness, I can see this piece in a large entry hall, above a fireplace with vaulted ceilings or add legs and turn it into a stunning table!

“Peace At Last” is a signed original featuring the Wynn Encapsulation Frame ™️ which means the wood and glass-like surround are all one piece, with the art literally floating within it. 

It’s a tricky technique that risks the whole piece of art if not done 100% perfectly. 

Size: 4ft x 5ft 

Artist: Victoria Wynn

📝 Materials:

Genuine 23K gold

Bio Luminescent glow (LUXE Glow Powders)

Micro Glass Spheres

Genuine Mother Of Pearl



LUXE Metallic Powders

Poplar Wood & Resin Surround

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