LUXE Splash Glass 1lb & 4lb


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LUXE Splash Glass is a completely new heat resistant genuine glass product (not plexi or acrylic) developed for water lovers!

29-31 Pieces per 1lb bag 

Use these elegant clear iridescent 1” drops in decorative vases, geodes, fine canvas art, resin masterpieces, 3D crafts or jewelry. 

💦 For ocean inspired realistic effects, add tiny drips of blue and aqua alcohol ink directly onto the Splash Glass pieces.  Let dry, then mix in the original “non inked” clear Splash Glass pieces as well!

*Use LUXE WaterFX as an adherent for these larger glass pieces  it works like a charm!

☀️ For Bio Luminescent Water: Adhere your LUXE Splash Glass with a dime sized amount of LUXE WaterFX GLOW! At night, the glow will shine right through your Splash Glass for stunning life like results! 

✍🏻 More Tips:

LUXE “Splash Glass” is also gorgeous when placed ON pigmented blue/teal resin or ocean colored acrylics since they’re like raindrop magnifying glasses picking up and amplifying the colors beneath! 🔎

Sprinkle a few LUXE 3D bubbles along with the “Splash Glass” for added depth and realism 🏝

Also offered in a money saving 4lb. bulk option!  (Approx 124 pieces)

Tips & Sneaky Tricks

These strikingly beautiful soft edge glass pieces are approximately 1”. Use in seascapes, vases, custom geodes and even jewelry! 

Pairs well with 24k LUXE Powder, Rose Gold LUXE Powder, Pixie Wing LUXE Powder and Opal 2.0 LUXE Powder.

Size of Glass: approximately 1 inch (1 lb and 4lb Bags)

Resin & Acrylic Artists

* When creating ocean scenes or seascapes, add Splash Glass in your ocean for a shimmering, life-like effect.

* Use Splash Glass for elegant geode art creating a three dimensional effect.

* To adhere, we use LUXE WaterFX CLEAR.  It's incredibly strong and dries clear.


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