“Evening With Sinatra” (26” x 38”)


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People often ask “What’s in this piece of art that makes it look like it’s encrusted with diamonds?”

This one of a kind, intricate geode piece features over 5000 pieces of crushed mirror that dance with the light creating the most glorious light show on the walls. 

Install “Evening With Sinatra” near a lit water fountain and watch your romantic bedroom flicker with reflective light at night or in the entry way for a wow factor upon entering your home. 

Drawn in by the elegance yet simplistic nature of the gold, black and white palette, Victoria states, “beauty does not need to be complicated.”

 This is a signed original featuring the Wynn Encapsulation Frame ™️ which means the wood and glass-like surround are all one piece, with the art literally floating within it. 

✍🏻 Signed original 

Artist: Victoria Wynn

📝 Materials:

Gold Obsidian

Crushed Mirror 



Metallic Powders

Poplar Wood & Resin Surround

🌍 We ship worldwide (Please email orders@WynnModernArt.com for a quote)


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