“Waves At Sunrise” Collection (By Victoria Wynn)

$300 $499
Number of Pieces of Art:

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 (Buy 1 or a set of 4) Each piece represents the ups and downs of life complete with rolling waves and color as a symbol that there’s beauty amongst the mess.
I’m back with passion with a new style I’ve fallen in love with 🌅
I’ve designed the “Waves At Sunrise” collection experience so you can purchase a solo piece or a set of 4 for a statement wall

(*All original and all have the same color palette and theme to create harmony in each set)

🖼️ Each “Waves At Sunrise” piece is an 11” x 14” framed, signed ✍🏻 original with the emotions of life poured in; all its ups and downs and darkness & light that depicts my life (and perhaps yours)

☀️ 🪟 If there’s a window in the room where you hang your piece, expect the most surprising celestial display as the waves will glow for you each day at dusk and through the night

*Upon special request, I create “Waves At Sunrise” memorials mixing human or pet ashes into the inks 🐾 

🗒️ Materials: Glass micro spheres for seafoam, inks, WaterFX liquid, LUXE glow powders


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