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Swirling Glitter™️ for drinks “Golden Abyss”


“Golden Abyss” Swirling Glitter™️ has a soft iridescent yellow gold shimmer that wows it’s audience with with a 24k gold effect when it hits the light. Use in ANY COLOR drink 

Note that it’s counterpart “Decadence” Swirling Glitter™️ is quite different with its opaque warm gold/ bronze appearance.

Take any drink to the next level! Think lattes, iced tea, kid’s drinks, popsicles and of course cocktails & mocktails!

Just a pinch will do the trick.  One 4g jar makes approximately 20 drinks sparkle & swirl!

Swirling Glitter™️ Is our 100% edible glitter developed specifically for swirling into drinks for a jaw dropping pearlescent shimmer without taste or texture. 

It will not affect the flavor profile, dissolve (it’s not sugar based) or color fade.

Note: After a while, it will settle when added to wine, champagne & liquor bottle so give the bottle a shake!

Specifically innovated for mixologists, restauranteurs and the home entertainer in you that loves the idea of a magical “wow” experience!

Made in the USA 🇺🇸 

 Color Featured: Golden Abyss (Iridescent Gold)

✔️Gluten free


✔️ Non-GMO

✔️100% edible

✔️No sugar

✔️Dairy Free


Level up your drinks with our 6 Swirling Glitter™️ colors for drinks (plus 2 color changing “gender reveal” drink glitters!)

  • Decadence
  • Luxe Lips
  • Golden Abyss
  • Teal Blue Water
  • Lightning Strike
  • Dragonfly
  • Gender Reveal Baby Pink (Silver to Pink)
  • Gender Reveal Baby Blue  (Silver to Blue)
Mica based food grade pearlescent mineral dust - 100% edible and FDA compliant 

We donate a portion of our

proceeds from our Edible Glitter bulk bag

purchases to


 to help become part of the solution.


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