“Rainbow Dots” Mix-Ins (B1G1 FREE)

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Rainbow Sprinkles for art? Have you ever wanted to add sugary sprinkles to art but worried about them disintegrating? Get the look of edible sprinkles with our LUXE NON-EDIBLE Rainbow Dot Mix-Ins

📌Tip: We recommend using Rainbow Dots with LUXE WaterFX (our resin alternative), varnish or clear glue (certain resin brands bleed some of the color out of the dots)

Rainbow Dot Mix Ins are the same size as your typical rainbow sprinkle for food but these are NOT edible, instead they’re perfect for art and Jewelry! 


  • Coasters 
  • Faux pastries 
  • Embellishing the edges of canvas art
  • Adorning abstract art
  • Gluing to pots & vases
  • Adding to jewelry


Size: 34g & 136g Bags

34g = A little over a 1/4C 

136g = Approx 1 1/4C

Resin & Acrylic Artists:  

* Use Rainbow Dots for colorful geode art creating a fun textured effect.

* To adhere, we use LUXE WaterFX CLEAR.  It's incredibly strong and dries clear.



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