SOLD “Alaska Sky” Glowing Canvas (2ft. x 4ft.)


This piece sold within 3 hours of being listed. If you’d love something similar in the size of your choosing, please email me directly for a commission purchase:

 I lived in Utah for 17 years and a moment didn’t go by when I wasn’t grateful for living at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Those grand pines are so inspiring 🌲

I hope this piece speaks to you too…

As you walk by, it’s as if the piece comes alive with colors shifting and shimmering Norther lights appearing.

To get the glow, you simply need light from your windows, no special bulbs 💡 needed to get this stunning effect

Genuine 24k Gold
LUXE Glow Powders & Tints

👉🏼This piece has a wet shine on the galaxy and matte for the pines for an eye catching juxtaposition.

Size: 2ft x 4ft gallery wrapped canvas

✍🏻 Signed original

Artist: Victoria Wynn

🌍 We ship worldwide (Please email for a quote)


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