“Cobalt & Gold” Glowing Art/ FREE SHIPPING (2ft. x 4ft.)

$2,500 $4,000

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This piece is inspired by a trip to Vienna where I immersed myself into learning about Mozart. The inspiration for the soft glow was inspired by my trip to a stunning bio luminescent lagoon in Belize. 

As you walk by, it’s as if the piece comes alive with a soft glow, golden shimmer from the genuine 24K gold and waves of blue, creme and a touch of pastel green. 

Featuring the Wynn Encapsulation Frame ™️ (The whole piece is one complete unit literally floating in resin with a stunning custom wood surround)

To get the glow, you simply need light from your windows, no special bulbs 💡 needed to get this stunning effect

✍🏻 Signed original 

📝 Materials:
Genuine 24k gold

Genuine amethyst stones

Bio luminescent powders

Crushed mirror



Poplar Wood & Resin Surround

Size: 2ft x 4ft


Artist: Victoria Wynn

🌍 We ship worldwide (Please email orders@WynnModernArt.com for a quote)


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