“Freedom” Glowing Canvas (24” x 24”)

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This is a one of a kind, original statement piece symbolizing the blessing of freedom. 

I relate horses to freedom! If you’ve ever see a horse freely run, it’s hard not to live vicariously through their joy.

This piece was created with passion and of course freedom. It brings a lot of meaning to me and I hope you as well.

Each corner has something special and intriguing to gaze at- both In the day AND at night. 
As you walk by, it’s as if the piece comes alive with colors shifting and shimmering galaxies appearing.

To get the glow, you simply need light from your windows, no special bulbs 💡 needed to get this stunning effect

Genuine 24k Gold

Glass micro balls for stars

LUXE Glow Powders & Tints

LUXE Color Shifting Powders



👉🏼This piece has a wet shine on the galaxy and matte for the arches for an eye catching juxtaposition.

Size: 24” x 24” gallery wrapped canvas

✍🏻 Signed original

Artist: Victoria Wynn

🌍 We ship worldwide (Please email orders@WynnModernArt.com for a quote)


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