“Cliffs Of Life” (26” x 38”)


1 piece in stock.

 I’ve always been enamored with places like Maine, Northern California and Hawaii for that stunning view of the passionate waves crashing on the rock cliffs.

No matter how much stress or unforeseen challenges I’d have, they would all wash away when I worked on this piece.

If you love deep teals, spa greens, elegant blacks and texture, this piece will draw you right in.

Hang it in a place you’d like to feel at peace!

Features crushed mirror, and a bio luminescent glow at night. (Inspired by my trip to a bio luminescent lagoon in Belize that changed my life)

This is a signed original featuring the Wynn Encapsulation Frame ™️ which means the wood and glass-like surround are all one piece, with the art literally floating within it. 

It’s a tricky technique that risks the whole piece of art if not done 100% perfectly. 

✍🏻 Signed original 

Artist: Victoria Wynn

📝 Materials:

Crushed Mirror 



Metallic Powders

Poplar Wood & Resin Surround

🌍 We ship worldwide (Please email orders@WynnModernArt.com for a quote)


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