Crystal Dust™️ Garnish Glitter for food “Evening With Sinatra”


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“Evening With Sinatra” is as elegance as it sounds. It’s a golden champagne shimmer without that yellow tinge common when ordering a gold product. We’ve innovated the perfect gold shade to up level any pastry, fruit or soup!

Crystal Dust™️ Is our 100% Edible Garnish Glitter developed to showcase a jaw dropping pearlescent shimmer without taste or texture. 

Crystal Dust™️ brings elegance to your pastries, garnishes and soups without affecting the flavor profile, dissolving (it’s not sugar based) or color fading!)

Specifically innovated for pastry chefs, restauranteurs, mixologists and the home cook that loves to entertain friends and family with a magical “wow” experience!

Made in the USA 🇺🇸 

 Color Featured: Evening With Sinatra (Pearlescent Champagne Hue) 

✔️Gluten free


✔️ Non-GMO

✔️100% edible

✔️No sugar

✔️Dairy Free


Take your pastries, shakes, fresh fruit and garnishes to whole new levels with our 5 pearlescent colors! 

Swan Lake (Pearlescent ballet pink)

Aged Silver (Pearlescent elegant chrome)

Frosted Berry (Pearlescent cranberry/ tangerine)

Evening with Sinatra (Pearlescent champagne hue)

Vintage Pearl (Pearlescent white silver)


Mica based food grade pearlescent mineral dust - 100% edible and FDA compliant 


We donate a portion of our

proceeds from our Edible Glitter bulk bag

purchases to


 to help become part of the solution.



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