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Video 1:
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Don't skip this part because you'll miss me whining about how long it took me to figure out this technique lol

NOTE: The YouTube videos in this class are set to private so the world cannot see the videos.
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Let's Get This Party Started!

Materials (Click The Circle)

Liquitex Basics Acrylics
Assorted brushes
LUXE Glow Powders
LUXE Glow Paints
Sponge brush

Video 3: Clouds & Stars
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This added detail is so simple but makes a huge impact in your outcome of realistic looking northern lights and a night sky! TIP: Use this technique for GALAXIES too! (And not just on ornaments!)

VIdeo 4: Time For The Glow Toss!
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Give yourself some grace on this part, it took me time to get it how I wanted it. The good news is there's so many variations of northern lights, you really can't go wrong!

Another Technique Just Launched!

Video 5:
Simple & Stunning (Click the circle!)

Look how easy it is to create northern lights using our new LUXE Glow Paint specifically designed to create northern lights and galaxies! It comes in a set with orange, pink and green.

Video 6:
All my classes must have THIS!

Waste not want not! Time to throw some stuff. Enjoy! lol

Video 7A: Painting Pine Trees  
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Be sure to watch video 7B too where you'll learn some great secrets


Pay attention to the thickness of the trunks, how crooked the trees are, how the snow sits, how many bare branches the tree has and how different pine trees have a completely different look.

Video 7B: Innovative Pine Tree Techniques  

Enjoy 3 pine tree techniques plus tricks to make the process fun and simple! No stress, just joy.
In the video I mention getting great inspiration pics to look at, here's a beauty!

Last But Not Least... THE SHINE!

VIdeo 8:
How to apply a WaterFX shine

LUXE WaterFX is the resin alternative for those of that paint near pets and family or simply don't want to worry about PPE. 

Admittedly, the more time consuming technique featured is the most beautiful, but I share a few different techniques in this video.

There may be moments when you just don't have much time and you gotta do what you gotta do!

Bonus Video #9

This works too!

I've found this technique to be simple as well for getting a glossy thick coat of WaterFX as long as you don't mind a little texture on the bottom.

I don't because I added trees and the dried LUXE WaterFX drips just gave my trees some texture!

Let me know how it went!

This was a fun and somewhat complicated class to create, so give yourself grace. It takes practice! I had to give myself a little grace as well because creating the northern lights on a SPHERE is completely different (and more complicated) than a flat surface.

I'd love to see your work! *Post your results online and tag #WynnModernArt 

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