100% Edible/ Vegan/ Gluten Free

Elegant Shimmer for food & drinks!

We now offer a jaw dropping edible shimmer dust that’s perfect for all your guests! It's the vegan, gluten free  SOLUTION to your confection, ice-cream & fanciful drink needs.
Our 100% edible glitters don't dissolve, have flavor, texture or color fade!
 Developed for the elegant and magical minded pastry chef, mixologist and dinner party  entertainer. 


Crystal Dust™️ For Food
Crystal Dust™️ Is our 100% edible, FDA compliant mineral based garnish glitter developed to showcase a jaw dropping pearlescent shimmer without taste or texture. Crystal Dust™️ brings elegance to your pastries, fruits, ice-cream, smoothies, garnishes and soups without affecting the flavor profile!
Swirling Glitter™️ For Drinks
Seeking a magical experience for the bar, lounge or for your kids? Just a touch of our Swirling Glitter™️ adds a pearlescent shimmer without dissolving! Think cocktails, popsicles, mocktails, lattes, iced tea, sparkling water, kid’s drinks & more! 🎄 Launching in December!
Gender Reveal Glitter™️ (For Drinks)
Watch our Swirling Glitter™️ shift from white to blue 💙 or pink 💝! Invite guests to pour their glasses at the same time and wow everyone with your gender reveal! Just add CLEAR liquid; Sparkling water, white wine, etc. Get your friends and family involved in finding out the gender of your new little one. Remember to share the video on social and tag @wynnmodernart

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