Tips For Artists Struggling With Business

Even with someone like me; A true entrepreneurial hustler; A heart centered driven artist and a go getter, it’s still ok to pause, step back and reevaluate.

This photo was taken when I was painting out of my living room. I’m covered in paint because just when I was finishing this commission piece, I slipped and completely fell into it!

 I had to start over with the little supplies I had left for this enormous commission and hope to do it justice.

This event was 2.5 years ago. I’ve had multiple studios and employees since, yet I still pause often and ask myself if this is what I want.

 I gauge my peace and joy and ask myself if WYNN modern art. still serves that purpose for me.

 I once wrote an article for Forbes called “When It’s Okay To Quit”


I wrote an article for Forbes called, When It’s Okay To Quit”

 I’m writing this blog to empower all of you to pause what you’re doing in life and decide if it’s still serving you.

For me, WYNN modern art. IS still serving me. If I’m tired, I take a day off.
When I’m over working, I remind myself to paint for fun or pick up another hobby 

But don’t be scared to ask if what you’re doing in life is still wise. 

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