What’s YOUR Heart Seeking Today?

I take complicated ideas, concepts and techniques and simplify them so they’re easily digestible to others.

✔️In graphic design (ESPN,Disney, ABC, Deseret Book) I took people’s wordy, oftentimes confused and lengthy business description and designed a simple, polished, minimalist logo from it. Then did the same with all their marketing collateral.

? In user experience (UX), I’d take someone’s busy and overly text filled website and build an experience that was relaxing, beautiful and far be it, overwhelming. An informative yet simplistic, visual approach.

? In art, to date (Nov 17th 2018), I have 700 hundred hours under my belt of Fluid Art & Flow Art failures, experimentation and innovation inside of me. I’ve taken extremely complicated formulas and techniques and accepted the challenge of teaching beginners these techniques WHILE having them walk away with their confidence boosted and having unveiled their inner creative soul. This is no small task.But it’s one of my callings that I love!

?Life gets complicated. Life gets overwhelming.

?Today, think of the 3 things Most important to you. Ponder them for a moment. Then do 1 thing that nurtures each of them today.

For myself it’s:
1. My family (which includes my small inner circle of friendships) ❤️

 2. My animals (1 sweet horse ? , 1 “Chowder” puppy (aka the walking rainbow ?) and 1 kitten ? named “Basil” who lovingly punches Chowder daily ?

3. Myself (self love for me is painting for myself- not only commissions but for ME- wild, expressive and emotional or going for a jog or enjoying my favorite coffee chip ice cream. I also find taking photos of nature to be perfectly serene ?)

What are your 3 most important aspects of your heart, soul and life?  ❤️

-Victoria Wynn

President, Wynn Modern Art.

Instagram & FB: “Wynn Modern Art.”

Email suggestions for topics here: victoria@wynnmodernart.com 

What’s YOUR Heart Seeking Today?

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