Welcome to the New LUXE WaterFX info page! It’s filled with tips, tricks and inspiration

The LUXE WaterFX product is my beautiful little secret to my art that “looks wet when dry”. I’ve been innovating it and keeping it under wraps since last year. It is now available to the public. I’m obsessed to creating masterpieces with it!

LUXE WaterFX is a non resin “wet look” acrylic polymer product that feels like a dolphin’s smooth skin when dry. Its not rock hard like a mirror, but smooth and looks like water! A special element unique to LUXE WaterFX is the ability to create a 3D layered effect.

🌺 It’s what I’ve been using to create 3D water droplets on flowers, beautifully wet seascapes, wet designs on dried acrylic pours, intensely glorious geodes and so much more!

“LUXE WaterFX” comes in “Shimmer” and “Clear”

💦CLEAR DESCRIPTION: “Clear” is great for drawing in shapes, designs, animals and wavy lines when you’re not seeking a shimmer- but only seeking the wet look

💦SHIMMER DESCRIPTION: “Shimmer” is the “Clear” formula with a color shifting opalescent effect making your oceans and geodes come alive!

LUXE WaterFX Q & A:

✔️ How long does it take to dry? Depending upon how thick your placement, plan on 24 hours.

✔️ How much surface does one 8oz bottle cover? It depends how you’re using it. I use it artistically rather than simply pouring it on as a top coat, though you absolutely can. Not a guarantee, but a guesstimate, would be a 11″x 14″ canvas (or a bit larger)

✔️ Does temperature affect LUXE WaterFX? Yes! That’s part of it’s magic. For a thicker application (ie dew drops or water droplets you’ll want it a bit cooler) For a runnier consistency, you’ll want it a bit warmer.

✔️ Will the sun yellow it? No, LUXE WaterFX has a UV protectant!

✔️ Is LUXE WaterFX archival? Yes!

✔️ How does it hold up against water? It is water resistant so wiping it down with a damp rag is no problem.

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MINI CLASSES for inspiration BELOW

LUXE WaterFX DRY! (video below)

You can paint ONTO the LUXE WaterFX after its dry and then add MORE LUXE WaterFX after its dry for a layered look! (or add real starfish and shells or gemstones or whatever you deem unique and beautiful)

*For your further entertainment I’ve left the sound on, guess which episode of “FRIENDS” this is lol

The below video shows you 4 gorgeous and creative ways to use LUXE WaterFX

Purchase 1 of each color to customize any ocean, geode, galaxy or special piece that deserves an extra touch of beauty:


✔️When LUXE WaterFX dries, it feels like a dolphin’s smooth skin rather than rock hard like resin. It doesn’t look or feel like a mirror but more like soft, wet water

✔️LUXE WaterFX also serves as an amazing adherent as well. Sticks those shells and gemstones and mirror right on there- on that note, if your kid is wiggling at church, a dab of this will do the trick 😁

✔️There’s so many ways to innovate with LUXE WaterFX! You can add all kinds of additions to it like floetrol, LUXE Metallic Powders, LUXE Crushed Mirror and scrapbooking confetti, to name a few!

✔️ Start on a tile or small canvas to begin playing with it. See how it moves and reacts to other products you’re using it with. I’m using it with acrylics, LUXE Powders, LUXE Gemstones and LUXE Crushed Mirror. It’s magical!

✔️When you warm it just a bit it gets runnier, in a cooler room it’ll pour out thicker (thick is great for water droplets retaining their form, warm is great for pouring larger quantities of it!)

✔️The LUXE WaterFX Glaze is sticky! So just using plastic beneath you won’t be a good enough surface. I have so many pieces of art with little shreds of plastic on it until I found this silicone mat. Silicone is the only thing I’ve found so far that this product doesn’t want to stick to lol

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