Artists Don’t Have To Be Starving

I’ve found that life coaches telling people to simply “figure out how to get used to surrounding themselves in affluent circles” aka “hang out with more rich people” is challenging if we haven’t been raised in it.

 I’d say I was “semi” raised in it. I lived in a huge home in the Hollywood Hills but my parents weren’t flamboyant.

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 I grew into adulthood loving cars but we didn’t have Porsche’s or Maserati’s lying around the house so what I’ve done to remind myself of my worthiness of a few certain material things (pretty much just cars lol) is to smell them, feel them and touch them.

️ This scenario works with gorgeous homes, global travel and selling your art….

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So I had never ridden in a Porsche or Ferrari before despite being in my 40’s, but that lack of familiarity was no big deal. (because of the mindset I had about it)

Here’s some guidance:

Go to a dealership (in your case it might a luxurious  home for sale or a fine art gallery you’d love to have feature your work) and tell them your situation.

I walked into a stunningly beautiful sports car showroom and openly told the salesman I was here to drool, knew nothing about their brand other than I was addicted to their automobiles look and sound… and that I would try to keep my drool off their cars  😀

I went on a test drive and took it all in. The smell of the leather, the feel of sitting in this fine piece of machinery, I even recorded the sound of the engine .

 3 months later I figured out away to buy a Ferrari. As if it was placed right into my hands

 Play in the pond with the big fish and most importantly, be vulnerable. People really DO want to help

️Don’t go into a dealership acting like you know what you’re talking about if you don’t. Share your dreams and you’ll be amazed how many started just where you’re at.

✔️Vulnerability begets vulnerability
✔️Honesty begets honesty

 I am still friends with Jay Leno’s  personal Porsche driving instructor. Why? Because he’s a good guy who was willing to hear my vulnerable story of being a budding entrepreneur and that I couldn’t care less about houses and fancy shoes but cars thrilled me. Turns out, he too had a wonderful journey to share with me.

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P.S. That same method is why I have a horse right now never having owned horses or knowing anything about them before. Things can be learned if you’re passionate enough and believe in yourself  

Artists Don’t Have To Be Starving

Victoria Wynn

Victoria Wynn describes herself as an introverted people lover. She’s a passionate and heart centered LUXE Fluid Artist and CEO of WYNN modern art. She can be found in Forbes, Fox TV, working with Disney and in women’s magazines globally as she writes and speaks on business, love and art. For Victoria, creating this innovative style of art and using her WYNN modern art. LUXE products like crushed mirror, gemstones and metallic powders is a spiritual experience, a source of meditation and a means to help people manage the stresses of the world.

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