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WaterFX GLOW 3-Color Bundle


Non toxic WaterFX GLOW is a liquid embellishing medium, the secret to phosphorescent oceans, glowing rock geodes and glowing resin river tables with a 12 hour glow.

Set comes with 2 ounces of each color (Aqua, Starlight and Blue)

✍🏻 TIP: Resin Recipe Ratio: 10% WaterFX GLOW to 90% resin 

Ingredients: Acrylic polymer emulsion - 100% Water based, environmentally friendly strontium aluminate for glow

(No PPE necessary & non toxic)

💧 Liquid. 🍃 Non toxic. 🏙 Commercial Grade.

💡 10-12 hr Approx Glow Time when fully charged 

☀️ No UV flashlight needed to charge, sun & home lights work just fine!

📆 Archival 

🔨 Commercial Grade

⏰ 24-48 hr dry time

😳 Glows 30 times greater than traditional ZnS (zinc sulfide) commonly sold in retail stores

✍🏻 Important: For the strongest glow, slightly warm the bottle and shake vigorously BEFORE USE to activate the bioluminescent pigments giving the stunning glow effect!

🌙 Store in a dark, cool place, without extreme temp changes.

💡 To use: Warm up bottle to make shaking the glow pigment much easier. Shake till the pigment is no longer settled and then start playing!


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