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WaterFX GLOW (Blue)

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Choose from a 2oz or 4oz bottle to create jaw dropping bio luminescent and galaxy effects using WaterFX GLOW in “Blue”, a non toxic liquid glow product exclusively developed and sold at WynnModernArt.com

💧 Liquid. 🍃 Non toxic. 🏙 Commercial Grade.

Pour directly onto your acrylic canvas art, wood projects, jewelry and vases.

Resin Artists: Use a 10% WaterFX Glow to 90% clear resin mixture for river tables, molds, geodes, oceans and more!

Ingredients: Acrylic polymer emulsion - 100% Water based, environmentally friendly strontium aluminate for glow

(No PPE necessary & non toxic)

💡 10-12 hr Glow Time 

☀️ No UV flashlight needed to charge, sun & home lights work just fine!

📆 Archival 

🔨 Commercial Grade

⏰ 24-48 hr dry time

😳 Glows 30 times greater than traditional ZnS (zinc sulfide) commonly sold in retail stores

✍🏻 Important: For the strongest glow, slightly warm the bottle and shake vigorously BEFORE USE to activate the bioluminescent pigments giving the stunning glow effect!

🧤Do I Need PPE? 

No PPE necessary but just as with many paints, I still wear gloves and open a window. It’s just a good idea 

It’s sticky and a great adherent (besides top coat and embellishing medium), so I use baby wipes if I get any on my skin. Easy Peasy!

 🌙 Storage?

Store in a dark, cool place, without extreme temp changes.

Dry Time?

We’ve found that in dry climates such as Utah, a thin coat of LUXE WaterFX (any variety) can dry as quickly as 8 - 24 hrs whereas more humid climates might take 48 hrs.

The thickness of the coat matters tremendously.

Touch the outer edge of your art after 6-12 hours. If it’s tacky at all don’t touch any further! That means it’s not dry yet and can use another 6 hours.

Don’t ever touch the middle- that’s where it’ll be wettest and leave a mark so stick to the outer edges when testing.


Tips & Sneaky Tricks

Creating bio luminescent waves with WaterFX GLOW

3-Step Flowing Acrylic Waves:

1. Pour 1/4 cup LUXE WaterFX GLOW into a cup

2. Add 5-7 drips of a white acrylic + Floetrol mixture 

3. Do not stir, simply tilt cup back and forth for 3 seconds so it’s slightly marbled, then pour onto your wood or canvas! 
(Tilt the wood or canvas until you get the wave style you love)

*Don’t over tilt or your white will dissolve into the WaterFX GLOW

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