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WaterFX GLOW (Aqua) 4oz.

$55 $65

 Create jaw dropping bio luminescent and galaxy effects using WaterFX GLOW in “Aqua”, a non toxic liquid glow product exclusively developed and sold at WynnModernArt.com

💧 Liquid. 🍃 Non toxic. 🏙 Commercial Grade.

Size: 4oz bottle

Pour directly onto your acrylic canvas art, wood projects, jewelry and vases.

Resin Artists: Use a 10% WaterFX Glow to 90% clear resin mixture for river tables, molds, geodes, oceans and more!

Ingredients: Acrylic polymer emulsion - 100% Water based, environmentally friendly strontium aluminate for glow

(No PPE necessary & non toxic)

💡 10-12 hr Glow Time 

☀️ No UV flashlight needed to charge, sun & home lights work just fine!

📆 Archival 

🔨 Commercial Grade

⏰ 24-48 hr dry time

😳 Glows 30 times greater than traditional ZnS (zinc sulfide) commonly sold in retail stores

✍🏻 Important: For the strongest glow, slightly warm the bottle and shake vigorously BEFORE USE to activate the bioluminescent pigments giving the stunning glow effect!

🧤 Do I Need PPE?  

No PPE necessary but just as with many paints, I still wear gloves and open a window. It’s just a good idea  

It’s sticky and a great adherent (besides top coat and embellishing medium), so I use baby wipes if I get any on my skin. Easy Peasy!

🌙 Storage?

Store in a dark, cool place, without extreme temp changes.

Dry Time?

We’ve found that in dry climates such as Utah, a thin coat of LUXE WaterFX (any variety) can dry as quickly as 8 - 24 hrs whereas more humid climates might take 48 hrs.

The thickness of the coat matters tremendously.

Touch the outer edge of your art after 6-12 hours. If it’s tacky at all don’t touch any further! That means it’s not dry yet and can use another 6 hours.

Don’t ever touch the middle- that’s where it’ll be wettest and leave a mark so stick to the outer edges when testing.

Shelf Life? 

There’s just 2 variables for qualifying LUXE WaterFX shelf life, unopened or opened.

Unopened WaterFX in its original packaging can have a shelf life of more than 3 years if it is kept in a cool, dark environment.

Once your WaterFX is opened, the shelf life is much more difficult to qualify and depends on material storage, climatic conditions, cross contamination and properly sealed closure.

Because of the number of variables, it’s recommended that after opened, LUXE WaterFX be used within 6 months.


Tips & Sneaky Tricks

Creating bio luminescent waves with WaterFX GLOW

3-Step Flowing Acrylic Waves:

1. Pour 1/4 cup LUXE WaterFX GLOW into a cup

2. Add 5-7 drips of a white acrylic + Floetrol mixture 

3. Do not stir, simply tilt cup back and forth for 3 seconds so it’s slightly marbled, then pour onto your wood or canvas! 
(Tilt the wood or canvas until you get the wave style you love)

*Don’t over tilt or your white will dissolve into the WaterFX GLOW

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