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Rhinestone Jewelry Holder (Incl. Adopt-A-Turtle)


🗺 Imagine tracking a sea turtle as it travels the ocean and that very turtle was specifically chosen for you!  With just the tap of an app, you’ll get to check on your assigned turtle using the interactive tracking map as your free gift with your rhinestone & metal jewelry holder purchase.  

🐢 Each metal sea turtle jewelry “box”  purchase helps support conservation and protection of a specific turtle with it's own name, story, and journey you can track using a free app and your unique turtle ID card.

CLICK HERE for jewelry box video!

Who are we aligning with?

Do I get to learn about my turtle? 

Yes! You’ll receive a laminated ID card by mail with your turtle’s name, weight and photo along with your rhinestone turtle 

What’s included with my turtle jewelry box?

    1. Laminated info ID card about your specific sea turtle assigned to you. 
    2. Tracking App: There will be a little QR code on the card. Simply open up your iPhone or Android camera and point it at the QR code. A notification will pop up for you to click on that will take you to your interactive map! If you get an error, try installing a free QR code scanning app or scanning the code with WiFi turned off.

What else can I purchase that helps sea turtles?

Get your zip up turtle hoodie HERE 
Get your turtle bracelets HERE 

How are the sea turtles tracked?

“Satellite telemetry (following an object on the earth with the use of orbiting satellites) has advanced to the stage of allowing researchers to track turtles in the open ocean after attaching a Platform Terminal Transmitter (PTT) to the back of a sea turtle.

Proper attachment methods are designed not to harm the sea turtle, damage its shell or increase the turtle’s chances of being tangled.”  - Sea Turtle Conservancy

🐢 IMPORTANT: This is not a gimmick or scam, these are real sea turtles living their real turtle lives.  WYNN modern art. is not responsible for your turtle nesting and not moving for long periods of time, algae growing on the transmitter, broken transmitter after a period of time, etc 

Got more questions about tracking? Click Here! 


🎁 Each Sea Turtle jewelry “box” purchase helps protect and preserve sea turtles!  Thank you for being part of this special cause with me! 
Victoria Wynn

CEO, WYNN modern art.



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