Nautical Navy LUXE Powder (Metallic)


A luxurious ultra fine metallic powder with an extreme shine in a deep, night sky navy hue. Floats beautifully in resin and stirs smoothly into acrylics 

Developed for resin and acrylic artists.

Tips & Sneaky Tricks

Nautical Navy LUXE Powder is a dazzling rich blue powder for beaches, oceans and night sky nature loving artists. It is versatile in that it can be used in oceans, seascapes, rivers and streams, geodes and marbling.

Nautical Navy LUXE Powder pairs well with Alaskan Sky LUXE Powder, 24k LUXE Powder, Opal 2.0 LUXE Powder, Pixie Wing LUXE Powder and Kaleidoscope Flakes (‘Deep Sea’ and ‘North Shore’)

Resin Artists:

* When creating oceans, seascapes, rivers and streams, and geodes, stir Nautical Navy LUXE Powder into your resin for a realistic, life-like glistening sand effect.

* There is no limit or ratio to follow when adding WMA powders to resin. You decide how much you’d like depending upon how strong of an effect you want (metallic, pearl or color shift)

* Add to clear resin or pigmented resin for completely different effects, both with stunning results. 

Acrylic Artists:

* Add a powder that matches your acrylic color somewhat closely for stunning results. For instance, add Nautical Navy LUXE Powder to blue acrylic palettes.  

* When creating sunsets, sunrises or galaxy effects sprinkle or toss Nautical Navy LUXE Powder on top of your resin for dramatic contrast and stunning beauty.

* Stir your LUXE Powder into your acrylic mixture (I use Floetrol + acrylics), then add as much powder as you like to get the desired effect. 

Note: The powders thicken the acrylic mixture so add more Floetrol to help it to run smoother. 

* For the strongest effect, sprinkle or toss WMA powders on top of your art WHILE wet (use a non toxic top coat like WYNN modern art. WaterFX CLEAR or resin once cured and dried)

* Free Class using Acrylics and Metallic Powders by Victoria Wynn:

* LUXE Metallic Powder Easy Technique!


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