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Mother Earth LUXE Crushed Mirror 1lb.


If you love warm and luxurious color palettes then “Mother Earth” is the LUXE Crushed Mirror for you! We do not sell these mirror colors separately, it’s a special complimentary mix just for “Mother Earth”

Size: approximately 1/4 inch (16 oz Bag)

Tips & Sneaky Tricks

Mother Earth LUXE Crushed Mirror has a mirrored, reflective side creating an illusion of gemstones when it hits resin or paint. These strikingly beautiful yellow gold, green and brown pieces are approximately 1/4" making it easy to use for all levels of artists.

Pairs well with Rusted Olive LUXE Powder, Seafoam LUXE Powder, Mint LUXE Powder and Bronze LUXE Powder.

Resin & Acrylic Artists

* When creating forest or mountain scenes, sprinkle Mother Earth LUXE Crushed Mirror for a shimmering, Earthy life-like effect.

* Use Mother Earth for elegant geode art creating a three dimensional effect.

* To adhere, we use LUXE WaterFX CLEAR.  It's incredibly strong and dries clear.

* How to use LUXE Crushed Mirror & LUXE Sea Glass: https://youtu.be/wGWiMwyxfr4

* HOW TO: Kaleidoscope Flakes, Mirror & LUXE Powders in a geode!: https://youtu.be/FMSDk9YuRaw


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