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“LUXE Mini Accents” (For Forest Lovers!)

$13 $19.99

We’ve been getting requests for teeny tiny accents so in this sheet we combine forest life plus paw prints!! You asked, we responded and oh my gosh are they adorable!  Use the LUXE Mini Accents for jewelry, coasters, tumblers, resin blocks and pyramids... the sky's the limit! Image sizes in this sheet are approx .24 in to 1.5 in.

🤷‍♀️ Who are these for?
LUXE Nature & Wildlife Accent Sheets are our answer to artists and crafters seeking the look of hand painted imagery without needing the training of being a realism artist.

✂️ Simply cut out your desired shape and set it onto your art with your fingers or tweezers!

🏆The material and ink we use is not only bold in color, and deep in black, but it won’t dissolve or flake so you can feel confident about using as many images as you like in your art, ornaments, picture frames and pottery!

🔥 TIP: You can add depth and mystery by using your LUXE Accents in between layered waves of resin or acrylics.

For instance, your pixie can look as if to be flying  amongst the clouds or in a galaxy sky

💧 Then just seal as you would any other painting.

Includes one transparent sheet with color safe ink suitable for acrylic and resin artists teaming with forest life, some fantasy, some real- ALL photo-realistic!

 LUXE Mini Accents (For Forest Lovers) is one of our easy solutions for tiny forest-scapes teaming with life and personality!  Whether you want to add them to your resin blocks, pyramids, pendants or phone holders or just love tiny paw prints and forest life coasters in acrylics or sparkling tumblers, this set is for you!

PACKAGING: (1) 8.5” x 10”  transparent sheet specifically designed for resin and acrylic artists, ready to cut upon arrival!

Sheet is placed securely between cardboard backing for safe transport. 


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