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WaterFX AGATE *non toxic

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🤷🏻‍♀️ People ask “What does WaterFX AGATE actually look like”?

💧 WaterFX AGATE looks like thousands of tiny joyful fairies 🧚‍♂️ all flickering their rainbow prismatic trails of light in a bottle, waiting to escape onto your art.

WaterFX AGATE serves as a non toxic liquid top coat (heat resistant for coasters & dishwasher safe) and is brilliant in creating gorgeous shimmering waves and marbling as an embellishing medium when used with acrylics or resin pigments.

You can also make your own glistening 3D water droplets when using WaterFX AGATE as a stand alone! (💧Simply keep it cool and the droplets will hold their shape)

Ingredients: Acrylic polymer emulsion - 100% Water based, polyethylene terephthalate powder for shimmer  (No PPE necessary & non toxic)

Covers approx 18” x 24” canvas 
Covers Approx 22 tile coasters 
Clear with a hint of rainbow crustal specks
No mixing needed
12 hr - 48 hr dry time 
Water resistant

Sizes: 2oz, 4oz & 8oz bottles 

Important: For the strongest effect, slightly warm the bottle and shake vigorously before use to integrate the magical pigments giving this stunning agate illusion!

🌙 Storage?

Store in a dark, cool place, without extreme temp changes.

Dry Time?

We’ve found that in dry climates such as Utah, a thin coat of LUXE WaterFX (any variety) can dry as quickly as 8 - 24 hrs whereas more humid climates might take 48 hrs.

The thickness of the coat matters tremendously.

Touch the outer edge of your art after 6-12 hours. If it’s tacky at all don’t touch any further! That means it’s not dry yet and can use another 6 hours.

Don’t ever touch the middle- that’s where it’ll be wettest and leave a mark so stick to the outer edges when testing.



What is it? 
An acrylic polymer emulsion - 100% Water based

No PPE necessary but just as with many paints, I still commonly wear gloves and open a window. It’s just a good idea 🧤 

WaterFX AGATE is sticky and works as a strong adherent (besides top coat and embellishing medium), so I use baby wipes if I get any on my skin.

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