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Create Any Color! Custom Mixing With Victoria Wynn (Online Course)

$59 $150

The Create Any Color Course is designed for resin, watercolor, gouache, oil & acrylic artists- Beginning to advanced!

🌈 I’ll be explaining the fundamentals along with my sneaky tricks to create any color, including simple charts to guide you!

Plus a whole lotta down and dirty paint mixing videos where I mix and explain every step

Welcome video! 🌈 


After making your purchase, your course(s) can be found at https://wynncourses.com 

Supplies Used In This Course 

    • Liquitex Acrylics (Unbleached White, Mars Black, Cadmium Red, Hookers Green, Primary Blue, Primary Yellow, Titanium White, phthalocyanine Green) 👉Any ‘ole blue, red, green, white and black will do! 
    • Jumbo wooden sticks
    • Plastic table cloth
    • Plastic lids
    • LUXE Metallic Powder
    • Brave attitude!


🎁 I’ve also added a FREE BONUS LESSON: “Color Psychology To Create Emotional Art” so you know what colors evoke what emotion- right down to the shade you’re using!


After placing your order your course will be added to your account within hours so you can start right away!

Thank you for pouring your soul onto canvas with me!

(No refunds on educational courses)

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