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Cobalt LUXE Crushed Mirror 1lb.

$19 $30

Cobalt LUXE Crushed Mirror is a deep, oceanic blue. It has a beautiful mirrored, reflective side creating an illusion of saphires when it hits resin or paint.

Size: approximately 1/4 inch (16 oz Bag)

Tips & Sneaky Tricks

These strikingly beautiful deep blue pieces are approximately 1/4" making it easy to use for all levels of artists.

Pairs well with Golden Glow LUXE Powder, Night Tide LUXE Powder and Apricot LUXE Powder.

Resin & Acrylic Artists

* When creating ocean scenes or seascapes, sprinkle Cobalt LUXE Crushed Mirror in your water for additional depth and a shimmering, life-like effect.

* Use Cobalt for elegant geode art creating a three dimensional effect.

* To adhere, we use LUXE WaterFX CLEAR.  It's incredibly strong and dries clear.

* Sneaky tricks with Cobalt LUXE Crushed Mirror by WYNN modern art.: https://youtu.be/zm3-v5hBkTk

* How to use LUXE Crushed Mirror & LUXE Sea Glass: https://youtu.be/wGWiMwyxfr4

* HOW TO: Kaleidoscope Flakes, Mirror & LUXE Powders in a geode!: https://youtu.be/FMSDk9YuRaw


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