Winning Strategies & Sales for Artisans (Online Course)


In order to sell successfully you’ll need a balance of SKILLSET and MINDSET

This detailed, interactive, step by step sales, marketing and mindset course for artists (including crafters and photographers), not only has a focused purpose of helping you pay your bills but to also help you to create disposable income. You know… a little extra to reinvest into yourself!

This is an online self guided course where I virtually hold your hand through the process of shifting you from hobbyist to entrepreneur. It’s a whole new world for sure!  

I will be providing confidence boosting tips and encouragement throughout the course.   An extremely high value addition to the course is video, written content and guest interviews from a media & PR strategist.

If you’re not a natural marketer or in sales, this can feel daunting. I’m here to help you find the FUN in it! (And to NOT forget why you started in the realm of creating beauty in the world, in the first place)

If you’re scared AND excited all mixed into one, you’ll love this course.  Your career WILL get busy for you as you implement my blueprint of success. I’ve mentored many and they’re thriving now! 


Sharal McMillan says: I’m selling steadily now! So many great tips but one that stands out is your section on photographing my work. It’s helped buyers see the details of my art! (Also I’ve gotten a lot more interest since I started to using more of your LUXE Metallic Powders (I was being stingy before) And that’s made a difference!

Jen Moreson says: Within the first week of Victoria’s coaching, I had multiple inquiries on my art! I’m in amazement still! 


 * Course Curriculum Below

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