LUXE WaterFX Color: “Shimmer”


The LUXE WaterFX product is my little secret to my “looks wet when dry” pieces!

Due to Covid-19: Our chemicals used to create LUXE WaterFX are waiting for customs to release them before we can sell again so we have marked it as “out of stock”

? LUXE WaterFX is what I’ve been using to create 3D water droplets on flowers, beautifully wet seascapes, depth to old acrylic pours I wasn’t sure what to do with and so much more!

“Shimmer” is the “Clear” formula with a color shifting opalescent effect making your water come alive?

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✔️ Self Leveling
✔️ Quick drying
✔️ UV Protective
✔️ Archival
✔️ Water resistant


(Watch “how to use ” videos below!)




Out of stock

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Photo: This is a close up of a large canvas piece of a tulip and wild grass.  I’ve used the LUXE WaterFX product to create dew drops on the petals and grass to take my art to a whole new level of dimension and beauty.

The sky’s the limit to what you can create with the illusion of water, the sparkle of dew,

the 3 dimensions of LUXE WaterFX to awe your viewers!

VIDEO: 4 Ways To Use LUXE Water FX

VIDEO: Taking The Lid Off For LUXE Water FX Fun!


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LUXE WaterFX Color: “Shimmer”

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2 oz in a collectible tin


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