3 Color Bundle: “WaterFX GLOW” (SAVE $40)

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*We continue to sell out quickly but we are mixing our next batch!

What do I get?

2 ounces of EACH color; Blue, Aqua & Starlight  (They arrive in food grade bottles suitable for re-use!)

Who is it for?

Resin artists, acrylic artists, alcohol ink artists and ALL CRAFTERS!

🔥 Resin Tip: Use a clear resin flood coat without losing the glow OR stir directly into your clear resin using a 90% resin/ 10% WaterFX GLOW ratio 

*WaterFX GLOW is a non toxic, water-based product! No special ventilation or mask is needed when using ON ITS OWN.

(Once you add toxic products such as resin to WaterFX GLOW, use proper PPE, of course)

Question: Do you need a black light/UV light for WaterFX to GLOW?
Answer: Nope! House lighting, sunlight or even the crappy fluorescent lights in my studio work! Lol

What Is WaterFX GLOW?

LUXE WaterFX GLOW is a premium, NON TOXIC commercial grade, water-based liquid glow product, perfect for phosphorescent effects in northern lights art, oceans, opal inspired art and jewelry, rocks for your garden, river style tables for filling in small cracks (or add TO resin for a full effect river table!)  *When using with resin, mix in 10% WaterFX GLOW to 90% clear resin

LUXE WaterFX GLOW lasts approximately 10-12 hours straight, in the dark and doesn’t fade with the ☀️ sun or ⏰ time as typical glow products do.

No measuring or combining chemicals required!

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Sometimes the pigment settles in transit so we’ve added glass balls inside the bottle. Simply make sure the contents are blended by shifting the marbles around in the closed bottle before EACH use.  💧



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❓Q: What’s the difference between WaterFX GLOW and WaterFX “All Lit Up”?

✅ One glows in the dark and one doesn’t. *Both are non toxic!

✔️WaterFX GLOW is a nearly clear liquid (the consistency of honey) in the light and lights up with a glowing affect in the dark. It comes in 3 commercial grade, premium pigmented colors that last 10-12 hours in the dark 🌙
(2oz bottle)

✔️WaterFX “All Lit Up” is a clear liquid (the consistency of honey) but has an electric blue/ purple color shift when it hits a certain angle of bright or dim light.
You can NOT see Waterfx “All Lit Up” in the dark. 🌙 🚫
(8oz bottle)

Q: What’s the shelf life of LUXE WaterFX Glow?

A: Approx 5 months unopened
💧 The best storage for LUXE WaterFX Glow is a cool, dry area, away from extreme hot and cold temperatures.
WaterFX  should never be allowed to freeze and should be stored away from furnaces and other heat-generating appliances.
 Q: Is this resin?
A: No. Though WaterFX GLOW looks wet when dry and is easily mistaken for resin, it does NOT harden the same as resin so we don’t recommend it as a top coat for furniture, but you may ADD this product to resin and still get the glow effect!
You may use resin over it once it’s dry or stir WaterFX GLOW into resin but be sure to use this ratio: 90% Resin to 10% WaterFX GLOW 

Contact us for 4oz bottle purchases or if you’re outside of the continental U.S.  ~We will find you the best rate possible!



3 Color Bundle: “WaterFX GLOW” (SAVE $40)

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2 oz in a collectible tin

7 reviews for 3 Color Bundle: “WaterFX GLOW” (SAVE $40)

  1. mdiehl2015

    HOLY COW!! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be in total kid mode for the next several days!! My WaterFX-Glow came this evening. I couldn’t totally dig in play but had to at least see them grow before I went to bed tonight….Wow!!! 😎 After shaking them well and charging with a UV light for a few minutes they literally lit up my art room!

    • Victoria Wynn

      I’m sooo glad you’re going nuts over the epic glow factor! I cannot wait to see what you create!!
      When you post, use this hashtag and I’ll get alerted of your latest creation! It’s: #waterfxglow


  2. Deborah Ronglien Fine Art (verified owner)

    Water FX GLOW is my new all time favorite LUXE Product! I used it on a painting for my bedroom and OMG!! The glow was so astounding, I didn’t want to go to sleep it was so beautiful😎. Very versatile for oceans, Northern Lights, geodes and more. Thanks for creating this exciting addition to your product line and the “how to” videos Victoria!

  3. Barbara Pridemore

    Oh my! My name is Barbara and I’m a Wynnaholic ! I’ve been using WMA products for over a year – and adore them all. But today I got my Water Fx Glow – it is fabulous! I followed the easy directions and got the desired effect x 10! It just brings your art to another level. You will not be disappointed 😊

    • Victoria Wynn

      Oh my gosh! Lol thank you so much!! I love your review and am soooo thrilled you’re loving WaterFX GLOW!!

  4. Edie Osborn (verified owner)

    OMG! I love love the FX glow!!! It is truly magical! I have added it to various parts of my fairy garden and this gorgeous solid wood ball that I have had for years! Truly fun to play with! They are all amazing colors!

  5. Stormy Hensberger (verified owner)

    I got Water FX Glow on Friday, added to a piece that was dried and waiting for it to arrive! Today is Saturday and it has sold! It’s absolutely the most amazing product but then again – all of Victoria’s products are top of the line. She is genuine in her efforts to help inspire all artists who have this passion 💜🎨👩‍🎨. Thanks Victoria once again! P.S. I highly recommend all of her courses. You will come away with some sneaky tricks!!! 😊😊😊

  6. Ronda Rehn (Artistry by Ronda) (verified owner)

    OMG!! This is a game changer! Seems like I feel that way a lot about WMA products as I, too, am a Wynnaholic! However, this product is unbelievable. Definitely my new FAV! Can’t wait to explore all the possibilities. My mind is racing with ideas. I will tell you that a little goes a LONG way. I work with acrylics as well as resin and I am truly blown away by this. I plan to post pictures when my projects are completed for inspiration. Once the word gets out it’s going to be Katy bar the door!!! Thank you Victoria Wynn!

  7. Kim LaBelle (verified owner)

    I have only just begun experimenting with this and am already in love with it and have ordered several more bottles! I have so many ideas and so little time! Thank you for such quality products and especially all of your tips and tricks! Customer forever!!

    • Victoria Wynn

      I’m so glad you’re loving LUXE WaterFX GLOW, your work is beautiful with it!

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