LUXE WaterFX Color: “Clear”

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The LUXE WaterFX product is my cool little secret to my “looks wet when dry” pieces. It comes in an 8oz squeeze bottle

Due to Covid-19: Our chemicals used to create LUXE WaterFX are waiting for customs to release them before we can sell again so we have marked it as “out of stock”

? It’s what I’ve been using to create 3D water droplets on flowers, beautifully wet seascapes, depth to old acrylic pours I wasn’t sure what to do with and so much more!

“Clear” is great for drawing in shapes, designs, animals and wavy lines when you’re not seeking a shimmer- but only seeking the wet look ?

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✔️ Self Leveling
✔️ Quick drying
✔️ UV Protective
✔️ Archival
✔️ Water resistant


(Watch “how to use ” videos below!)




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Photo: This is a close up of a large canvas piece of a tulip and wild grass.  I’ve used the LUXE WaterFX product to create dew drops on the petals and grass to take my art to a whole new level of dimension and beauty.

The sky’s the limit to what you can create with the illusion of water, the sparkle of dew,

the 3 dimensions of LUXE WaterFX to awe your viewers!

VIDEO: 4 Ways To Use LUXE WaterFX


VIDEO: Taking The Lid Off For Some LUXE WaterFX Fun!


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LUXE WaterFX Color: “Clear”

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2 oz in a collectible tin

4 reviews for LUXE WaterFX Color: “Clear”

  1. Jill Gonzales

    The most innovative and exciting new product I’ve come across, Luxe Water FX is ADDICTIVE!! I was intimidated by this product for the longest time and I just left it on my shelf. After getting some tips and tricks on how to use this product, I want to use it on every painting I do! It’s so versatile and so much safer than resin (no respirator needed) and has just as much shine! Luxe Water FX can be used to add layers, which adds depth and dimension to a painting. You can achieve gorgeous marbling that will blow your mind and your clients will be begging for this. Some things are worth the price and this is one of those things. Be prepared to become an addict!!

  2. Cindy

    I have just started to use WYNN Modern Art’s Water FX and am in love! I love the way it moves with my paint and can be added as a complete flood to cover a canvas or as a texture in a specific way. I think as I practice and use the Techniques that I have learned in Victoria Wynn’s online courses- my art will be elevated to a whole new level.
    I am addicted to the Water FX after only one use! In my opinion, I feel that it’s a Fantastic alternative to so many products on the market.

  3. Edie Osborn

    WYNN Modern Art’s Water FX is amazing! It does a wonderful job of blending paint together with a marbling effect. I have made several sets of coasters that I gifted that are adored by the recipients. Most recently I finished a proto beach themed pour that is 18×36 using several layers of Water FX with handpainted sea turtle, WYNN opals and LUXE Rose Gold metallic powder and real shells. I am so very happy with it and ready to start by 24×36 for over my bed. Thank you for creating such a safe and wonderful product to really take my art to a much higher level!

  4. Stormy (verified owner)

    This product is a game changer! So many ways to use it and always with spectacular results! I must have it on hand at all times! Watch the videos and then enjoys all the ways you can take your art to the next level!

    • Victoria Wynn

      Thank you for this beautiful review! Makes my day that you’re having so much fun with it! I’m straight up addicted to it – its soooo fun!

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