Modeling & Texture Paste (Color: Chandelier) Save 40%

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“LUXE Modeling & Texture Paste”

👉Carve it, sand it, finger paint it or spatula sculpt it! 

Inspiring ideas for “LUXE Modeling & Texture Paste”
✔️Rock formations & islands on nautical art
✔️Textured abstract art
✔️ Frosting & meringue 3 dimensional effects
✔️ Impasto raised art technique
✔️ Stencil mixed media
✔️ Board Gaming, RPG terrain (terrainscaping), tabletop scenery
✔️ Holiday decor carving & sculpting
✔️ Dioramas for school projects & play
✔️ Gap filler for 3D printing

    No mixing required
    Non toxic
    Dries to stone hardness

🌈 Available Colors:
“Original” (perfect for tinting with acrylic, pigments & inks or simply painting over when dry)

“Chandelier” (sparkling white- gives a high end luxurious look to any art or glistening raised ocean waves)

“Granite Cliff” (appearance of sparkling granite specks in a rock brown base – perfect for ocean islands, rocks & abstract textured art)

📌Ocean TIPS:
For realistic rocks, we apply the color “Granite Cliff”, then use a basic paint brush or tiny sponge and add dark brown/black accents to look like shadows on our rock faces and cliff sides.

📌Luxurious Abstract Art TIPS:
For abstract art suited for any luxurious home, restaurant or resort, we use the color “Chandelier” and apply with our application comb.
Use the teeth of the comb or the back side of it for gorgeous effects. We don’t even paint over the “Chandelier” color because we love the sparkle! We DO add LUXE Metallic Powders to it once applied to the canvas. Just sprinkle your favorite LUXE powder to take your art to a whole new level!


🔸Step 1: For a nautical scene or classy abstract art look, choose a level 2 or 3 canvas for strength (LUXE Modeling & Texture Paste also works great on wood, Metal and MDF)

🔸Step 2: Gesso your canvas (I use a mini rolling pin for even application then let dry for 24 hours- longer if you’re in a humid climate)

🔸Step 3: You can either stir a pigment, dye or acrylic paint into you “LUXE Modeling & Texture Paste” or paint OVER it once it’s been applied onto your surface. Your choice!

🔸Step 4: To apply, use the FREE application tools that comes with your jar. No need to mix chemicals together, simply scoop out what you’d like and plop it right on to your surface to create rocks & cliffs.
For an imposto abstract look, use our FREE application comb and scrape the paste in beautiful designs.

🔸Step 5: To protect your art, if you love the wet look, pour a slightly warmed bottle of non toxic LUXE WaterFX onto the dried art.
Other options are resin or “Golden Archival Spray“ (I use the matte version of the archival spray when protecting rocks and LUXE WaterFX everywhere else for a wet water effect.)

*Our product doesn’t crack when dried and has incredible tooth and absorbency for ease of use.

🎈 Because we think you should have fun with our LUXE products (and not stress), we’ve developed each product for simplicity and ultimate fun!

LUXE Modeling & Texture Paste

Packaging: 16oz. Jar



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👉Carve it, sand it, finger paint it or spatula sculpt it!

LUXE Modeling & Texture Paste

INCLUDES: 1 Full Pound Jar of “Chandelier



Modeling & Texture Paste (Color: Chandelier) Save 40%

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2 oz in a collectible tin


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