Velvet LUXE Powder (Metallic)

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Velvet: A subtle color shift from black to rich boysenberry in a velvety metallic sheen! This shade represents royalty, luxury and prestige  it takes any piece of art to all new levels!


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Velvet LUXE Powder (Metallic)

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2 reviews for Velvet LUXE Powder (Metallic)

  1. Tammy Ferguson

    Velvet provides the rich, next level look that we all love in our paintings. I love to use it to add a touch of color in a black or maroon that needs just a bit of extra pizzazz!

  2. Lauryn Spitzer

    Velvet LUXE powder lives up to its name! The depth of color is rich and adds a regal touch when used alone against black or combined with other gemstone colors.

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