Tuxedo Black LUXE Powder (Signature Solid)


  “Tuxedo Black” powder is as wondrous as it sounds.  It’s a solid jet black powder with a shine that will take any black paint or resin to a whole new LUXE level!

 I use Tuxedo Black powder in luxurious geodes, jewelry and any art that requires a touch of luxury. Another trick is sprinkling, pouring or stirring it into galaxy art and coasters along with LUXE 3D Bubbles!

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Tuxedo Black LUXE Powder brings depth to any piece calling for a stunning black, luxurious shine

Aside from gently and carefully pouring the powder atop your acrylic or resin creation, these powders work beautifully when stirred in your cup.


Pouring Medium + Fine Artist’s Acrylic Paint (or resin) + Any Color Luxe Metallic Powder = Life & Luster To Any Piece


Tuxedo Black LUXE Powder (Signature Solid)

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