Child’s Sky LUXE Crushed Mirror 1lb.


This reflective LUXE Crushed Mirror is a soft shade of blue, just as I remember when staring at the sky as a child.  The days when I saw shapes in clouds and made mud pies in the back yard. This shade of blue in color psychology invokes feelings of peace, serenity, relaxation and calm.

(Watch how-to videos on using this product below!)

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Add Child’s Sky LUXE Crushed Mirror into your resin geode work, jewelry or acrylic fluid/flow art pieces (Hint: Add to acrylic art when it’s still wet if you’ve used Floetrol as a pouring medium)

If you’re purchasing our LUXE Crushed Mirror for gorgeous geode work, you might enjoy the next video! (acrylic paint is being used for veining)


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Child’s Sky LUXE Crushed Mirror 1lb.

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