Sinatra LUXE Powder (Color Shifting) FDA Cosmetic

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 Sinatra LUXE Powder has a champagne gold tone but when hit with certain light, it sparkles like a rainbow you’d see under a waterfall!

Sinatra Powder is FDA Approved cosmetic-grade making it unique and spectacularly shimmering for soaps, lotions and make up and of course, luxurious art, home decor and jewelry! 💎

Caution: Drooling might ensue. It’s jaw dropping to see on video, but “just wait till you get your first bag”, our customers say!


Sinatra is considered an ELITE LUXE POWDER.  It costs us 3x the amount of the other powders to create it. After weeks of toiling over pricing it and knowing that I’ve always wanted to make our products accessible to as many possible, I’ve decided NOT to raise its price and simply keep it priced the same as our Northern Lights and Galaxy color shifting powders!

My Sinatra Powder customers are sharing what it’s doing to their incomes, from the speed of sales and how much more they can ask for their art!

The below video is a stunning resin pyramid created by Willow Creek Resin Co.

Missy has added Sinatra to the bottom of the tree (you can see the rainbow shimmer as if lit up by electricity) and she’s also used it at the base of the pyramid!

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One of our incredible talented VIP customers (Missy Diehl) sent in this video, have a look at Sinatra in clear resin!

Sinatra is sheer perfection used in conjunction with the techniques in the LUXE Gifts Online Course, the Level 1 LUXE Master Class, the Celestial Skies Course and in NORTHERN LIGHTS pieces! (Free Northern Lights classes here)

Below is how I create my northern lights affects using our Northern Lights Powders. Include Sinatra to the mix for a golden color shifting luxury appeal.

Sprinkle, toss or throw on top of your black, navy or deep purple background to watch it light up like bio luminescence and Northern Lights combined!



Sinatra LUXE Powder (Color Shifting) FDA Cosmetic

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7 reviews for Sinatra LUXE Powder (Color Shifting) FDA Cosmetic

  1. Carolina Johnson (verified owner)

    While all of these luxe powders are simply amazing, Sinatra is over the top beautiful! The color shift and sparkliness (is that a word?) Is stunning! So so so pretty… take your art to a whole new level with Sinatra!!

  2. mdiehl2015 (verified owner)

    Sinatra has become my absolute favorite! The champagne gold with shifts and flecks of rainbow sparkle is magnificent! It literally looks like its alive. It will put your acrylic paintings or resin art over the top. A must have for your LUXE metallic powder collection!!!

  3. Melissa Weisbard (verified owner)

    Gorgeous! Absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to add this LUXE powder to my acrylic and resin artwork.

  4. Tamera Ferguson (verified owner)

    Just when I thought there could not be any more elevation in product awesomeness, Victoria proves me wrong! Sinatra is absolutely stunning!! The photos and videos are great, but do not do this Luxe powder justice! Pure magic!!

  5. Deb Ronglien (verified owner)

    Sinatra is now my all time favorite LUXE metallic powder! The color shifting is amazing and it works with every color pallette. Can’t take my eyes off the that sparkle. It’s a game changer for sure!

  6. HC – Golden OKO

    Sinatra is authentically AMAZING!!! This product is one of a kind, elevates any artwork to next level by adding that “wow” we all are looking for :D.

  7. Terri L. Craig (verified owner)

    Absolutely Stunning!!! Sinatra Luxe Powder adds elegant glitz and glamour to everything it touches.

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