Silk LUXE Powder

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The Lightning Line will have a complete launch in Fall 2020 but we’ve decided to launch one of our most shocking powders early!  Their shine is intense, those that have a color shift look like they’re being lit up by electricity as you walk by and since we create these in the WYNN modern art. color lab, you won’t find our powders anywhere else!

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Silk LUXE Powder is an 8oz bag filled with joy.  It’s a cosmetic grade (FDA approved) color shifting powder designed for art OR the skin & body.  It shifts from white to a silky mint, lavender and sequin soft pinks.   On black it shifts to a fresh and bold green you’d see in a thunderstorm!


🔥 Tip:  One of my secrets for a jaw dropping night sky or lightning piece of art is to add a splash of “Opal 2.0 Powder” throughout my piece for an extra special effect of an electric blue!


Packaging: 8oz. plastic bag filled to the max with joy

(VIDEO: Notice the color on the bottom (“SILK”) and how it looks on the black below the canvas!)

How-to-use videos below

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This color is sheer perfection with the techniques in the Level 1 LUXE Master Class AND the  Realistic Seascape and Water Effects Course! (And of course, Lightning effects!)




Silk LUXE Powder

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2 oz in a collectible tin


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