Saturn’s Rings LUXE Powder (Color Shifting)


Saturn’s Rings LUXE Powder
shifts from champagne golds to luxurious copper to a soft green when stirred into dark pigmented resin or sprinkled on black paint! For a shimmering lemon 🍋 look, stir it into clear resin for a gorgeous trick to a fresh and rare color!


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Watch it in action as you light up any room with this stunning color!  Enjoy an 8oz bulk bag as you wow anyone that sees your creations using “Saturn’s Rings”.

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Saturn’s Rings LUXE Powder enhances any color of paint or resin with a shimmer and crystalline COLOR SHIFTING effect. It shifts from lemon yellow to luxurious copper to a soft green when on a dark pigment (resin or acrylic) or for a sparkling lemon color, use it in clear resin!


Aside from gently and carefully pouring the powder atop your acrylic or resin creation, these powders work beautifully when stirred in your cup.

Below I’m using Opal 2.0 LUXE Powder!


Pouring Medium + Fine Artist’s Acrylic Paint (or resin) + Any Color Luxe Metallic Powder = Life & Luster To Any Piece


Saturn’s Rings LUXE Powder (Color Shifting)

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