Sand Castle LUXE Powder (8oz bag) LIMITED EDITION

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Sand Castle is a seasonal color with just a few bags available! No purchasing minimum- purchase as many bags as you like until they’re gone

SAND CASTLE It’s more subtle than “Champagne” LUXE powder and has a soft warm tone- not yellow and not a bold rose gold either. It’s gentle, it’s soft, it’s everything for spring and summer. 🏖

…Hence the name Sand Castle! It’s feels like the essence of the softest sand beach with a light fleck of color when the sun hits.


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Mix “Sand Castle” with your real sand in seascape art or replace this shimmering powder FOR sand in your art completely!

“Sand Castle” was designed for resin and acrylic artists.  It’s stunning against both dark and light backgrounds!

Arrives in an 8oz. bag filled with joy


Sand Castle LUXE Powder (8oz bag) LIMITED EDITION

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2 oz in a collectible tin


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