Realistic SEASCAPES & WATER Effects (Acrylics)


This course is anything and everything WATER, beach and WAVE related! (And includes WYNN modern art. LUXE supplies delivered to your door!)

It’s a common falsehood to think that only resin artist’s can create stunning, realistic oceanic art. If you’ve been playing with acrylics, you know that you can get some absolutely stunning results. This course shares 100’s of ways to take WATER to all new levels using the versatility of acrylics, pouring mediums and WYNN modern art. LUXE Metallic Powders and LUXE Crushed Mirror!

It’s important that if you haven’t taken the Beginner’s Master Class (acrylic geodes), that you are very familiar with fluid/flow art using acrylics.  This class builds off the Beginner’s Master Geode Class because of all the core fundamentals I teach in it (along with some of my own secrets)

With that being said, it is not mandatory, but it IS fun! 




After placing your order you’ll receive an email to create an account and the WYNN modern art. team will gather your LUXE supplies and get your order ready for shipment. Your course will be in your account DASHBOARD ready for you to begin at your own leisure!

Note: Beneath each lesson is a sub category called a “TOPIC”.  Be sure to click on the “topic” tabs to find more videos and content! 

(click “MARK COMPLETE” after each section to move on)

Thank you for pouring your soul onto canvas with mine!

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Realistic SEASCAPES & WATER Effects (Acrylics)


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