(Level 3) Realistic Seascapes & Water Effects

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This course is anything and everything WATER, beach and WAVE related! (And includes WYNN modern art. LUXE supplies delivered to your door as our FREE gift!)

It’s a common falsehood to think that only resin artist’s can create stunning, realistic oceanic, galaxy or geode art. If you’ve been playing with acrylics, you know that you can get absolutely stunning results. This course shares innovative and gorgeous ways to take Seascapes & water effects to all new levels using the versatility of acrylics, pouring mediums and WYNN modern art. LUXE Metallic Powders and LUXE Crushed Mirror!

I recommend that you take the Level 1 Master Class (acrylic geodes) even if you are not a beginner but NEW to my techniques so you aren’t confused or lost. All of my other LUXE Fluid Art courses build on this foundational course.  The Level 1 Master Class gets advanced very quickly but is also perfect for anyone new to my style as I teach 100’s of my sneaky tricks in it including helpful supply lists and guidance on creating your workspace for efficiency and varnishing a resin- like top coat.   




After placing your order, the WYNN modern art. team will gather your FREE gift of full size LUXE supplies and get them out for shipment. Your course will be in your account DASHBOARD ready for you to begin at your own leisure!

Note: Beneath each lesson is a sub category called a “TOPIC”.  Be sure to click on the “topic” tabs to find more videos and content! 

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Thank you for pouring your soul onto canvas with me!

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(Level 3) Realistic Seascapes & Water Effects

4 reviews for (Level 3) Realistic Seascapes & Water Effects

  1. Patricia Boehringer

    Absolutely loved this class! If you love the sea this class is for you too! I love working with blue colors. The are very calming and beautiful. Just do it!

  2. LARuben

    As my journey through fluid art unfolded, I took this course. Again, the knowledge gained through this course allowed me to expand my knowledge and create Amazing works of Art!! Not only is this course educational, it allows you to have lots of fun and take your artwork to the next level….

  3. Cassie Mitchell

    This course is amazing. I love the ocean and the serenity it brings me. Unfortunately, I live in the desert with no water in sight. For years I have struggled with how to bring the peace of the ocean into my home, and what better way than with my own painting!!. The different tutorials on different pours are amazing, and the techniques leave me speechless. The Big Kahuna, the Powder Pour and the tutorial on lacing and cells left me speechless. Save up those straws, you will need them!

  4. ediegram13

    I love all things in regards to ocean so when I saw this course I knew that I had to take it! I have tried ocean pours based on other tutorials but they just are not the same as Victoria’s. She goes into so much depth in her course with excellent advice for awesome sneaky tricks. Adding the element of real sand and shells to the art just takes it to a whole new level. And of course the LUXE products such as crushed mirror and metallic powders add a whole new level to the paintings. They catch the light in so many ways and are a dramatic statement. Not only is the course worth the investment but Victoria will also send products along with it so you have the tools for successful artwork! Love love it! A lot of fun and lighthearted content!

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