Private LIVE Art Class With Victoria (Skype or Zoom)


I’ve been asked for months to offer this LIVE class for those not near the WYNN modern art. Studio & Gallery. (Near Park City, Utah)   If you’ve gone through my online courses or simply found me on social media and want to know how I’ve created art that looks like resin but is ACRYLIC or art that looks REALISTIC without being oil paint, with this LIVE class, you have me and my 1000+ hours experience in this form of fluid art and 25 years as an artist.

The class runs for 1.5 hours straight.  I’m all yours in that time! We custom tailor the class to your specific needs.  No matter how advanced or how NEW you are to acrylic fluid pouring or acrylic modern art, I am here for you!

We will have a confidence boosting session full of fun, education and connection.

I share my sneaky secrets with you because it is my belief that withholding is NOT part of what I hold dear: Connection, Abundance & Gratitude


After placing your order, email me personally (Victoria Wynn)   to schedule your time and day for your personalized LUXE Fluid Art session!

On our Zoom or SKYPE session, I PAINT ALONG WITH YOU!

*NOTE: You are welcome to have more than 1 person on the Zoom or SKYPE call on your end.  Sometimes kids want to join in or maybe you have a best friend who would love to be at your house with you also painting along. 





It’s a common falsehood to think that only resin artist’s can create stunning, realistic oceanic art, geodes, water effects, seashores and marble. If you’ve been playing with acrylics, you know that you can get some absolutely stunning results. I will assist you in taking your art to all new levels using the versatility of acrylics, pouring mediums and WYNN modern art. LUXE Metallic Powders and LUXE Crushed Mirror if you have those on hand! 

If not, I’ll share a discount code with you and get you started! 


Thank you for pouring your soul onto canvas with me! 




Private LIVE Art Class With Victoria (Skype or Zoom)


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