Prism LUXE Powder (Color Shifting)

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COLOR DEFINITION: Imagine a crushed prism mixed with a gorgeous kaleidoscope of colors. PRISM Powder gives a light refracting  effect. It’s simply gorgeous with any color palette.

I’ve found it to be most stunning in geodes, oceans, water or anything needing a strong “wow factor”.


  (Watch how-to videos in the description below!)

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The same LUXE Prism Metallic Powder you see in so many of my LUXE fluid art geode and oceanic pieces.

Prism Powder is its own one of a kind magic!   It changes color in the light despite seeming silver when poured!


Aside from gently and carefully pouring the powder atop your acrylic or resin creation, these powders work beautifully when stirred in your cup.


Pouring Medium + Fine Artist’s Acrylic Paint (or resin) + Any Color Luxe Metallic Powder = Life & Luster To Any Piece


Contact us with your city and zipcode sent to if you’re outside of the continental U.S.  ~We will find you the best rate possible!

Prism LUXE Powder (Color Shifting)

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1 review for Prism LUXE Powder (Color Shifting)

  1. Helen Oakland

    Prism powder adds a light bright splash to my pieces of art.
    It has a kind of holographic effect where it bounces the light around and glistens.
    Wonderful to create light and shadow in a piece when paired with some of the deep solid colours in the range.
    I use it often with Atlantic Blue, Nautical Navy, Rich Plum and am keen to try it with Tuxedo.

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