3 Color Promo Bundle! 8oz bags

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  1. This promotional bundle includes 3 LUXE Powder colors not even launched yet! Each bag of LUXE Powder is 8oz!
1. Velvet: A subtle color shift from black to rich boysenberry in a velvety metallic sheen
2.  “Electric”: Bold color shift from white to a blue-purple as if lit up.  See the wet black paint on the table pictured below for it’s bold “electric” look, or the lavender glow when on white!
*FDA approved for skin & body cosmetic use as well!
3 Silk: This strikingly up scale color looks like a luxurious sequin dress or silk gown with its soft and graceful appearance on resin or paint. It shifts from mint to lavender on white and a bold and fresh green when it hits black or navy paint- perfectly suited for lightning effects, Northern Lights art and Geode artistry
*FDA approved for skin & body cosmetic use as well!


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Enjoy the WYNN modern art. LUXE experience before anyone else with this promotional bundle of products not even launched yet !



3 Color Promo Bundle! 8oz bags


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