Pixie Wing LUXE Powder (Color Shifting) FDA Cosmetic


Introducing… Pixie Wing! 🤯 This is a 4 color shift that customers are saying is a “jaw dropper”. It has same electric effect as “Electric Powder” but with added light up shades like teals, mints and blues- all in one Powder!

Since we create these in the WYNN modern art. color lab, you won’t find our powders anywhere else!

Pixie Wing Color Shifts from blue to purple to mint to teal!  For a shockingly beautiful effect add it to navy or black paint or resin or invite a luxurious spa feel by partnering Pixie Wing with golds, whites and baby blues!

And it’s FDA Approved Cosmetic Grade!
Think make up, Halloween, soaps, bath one and lotions!

🔥 Tip:  One of my secrets for a jaw dropping northern lights piece or night sky effect is to sprinkle “Pixie Wing” all over For an electrifying, luxurious quality



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Pixie Wing shifts from a bold lightning affect with its blues and purples to soft mints and teals. It’s one of our most unique colors!

It’s a stunner with the techniques in the Celestial Skies & Heavenly Clouds Course AND the  Realistic Seascape and Water Effects Course! 


Pixie Wing LUXE Powder (Color Shifting) FDA Cosmetic

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